Chinatown Zoning Teach-In
Organized with The Chinatown Working Group, 2021

Building on our work with the Chinatown Working Group, this zoning teach-In was organized as part of a week of action planned by local activists and residents. The teach-In was located at 59 Henry Street, a former parking lot where a luxury residential tower is currently under construction. During the teach-In we gathered with land-use activists, residents, and politicians to discuss the alternative zoning criteria proposed within the Chinatown Working Group Plan. The event allowed the group to collectively unpack the technical language of zoning and several attendees shared their personal encounters with gentrification and displacement. In a direct action, we posted an alternative construction sign on the green construction fence that is currently blocking the site. The alternative sign demonstrated the type of development that relates to the existing context and serves the current population of the neighborhood.