Citygroup, 2019

Compliant is a collective research project, presented as an exhibition in May 2019, that presents an index of how building codes define the dimensional, light, ventilation, and egress requirements of a bedroom. The compendium of codes is not comprehensive, but does present the disparity of administrative norms adopted across various locations. Independently, these legal and spatial metrics demonstrate the attempt of the state apparatus to define generic architectural standards that ensure a minimum level of safety and health within buildings. Presented and understood as rational fact, building codes are not universal in reality, as seen when a collection of regulations from different jurisdictions is put on display. Seemingly objective, building code is in fact imbued with ideological and cultural content and ensures that the built environment adheres to the conventional standards of those who wield power.


Azza Aboualam, Luke Anderson, A.J. P. Artemel, Chris Beck, Cody Campanie, Michael Robinson Cohen, Karolina Czeczek, Fete Nature Architecture, Flora Oficina de Arquitectura, Dante Furioso, Nicolas Kemper, Thom Medek, Outside Development, Violette de la Selle, Will Sheridan, Radhika Singh