Manifesting Manifesto
Citygroup, 2020

A manifesto may seem irrelevant in an age that rejects grand narratives. While it certainly is necessary to examine the validity of universal declarations, the assertion or formulation of a statement is required for both discourse and encounter – establishing a position against the constant fluctuation of the everyday. The exhibition Manifesting Manifesto proposes an alternate approach to the dogma of a manifesto. Structured as a work of collective writing, this exhibition prompts attendees to continuously edit and question the citygroup manifesto. Marked up, reformulated and annotated iterations of the manifesto text are sequentially pinned to the wall, revealing the manifestation of a manifesto in a constant state of emergence. A categorical declaration subjected to unceasing reformulation, the Manifesting Manifesto is not an a-priori theory but a standpoint that materializes within the friction of the world.